Supersized McDonald’s infographic
Graphic zeigt McDonald’s globale Geschäfts Expansion.


McDonald’s expandiert mit fast-food Restaurants auf 50,000

By Ninian Carter

December 12, 2023 - McDonald's wird bis 2027 10.000 neue Restaurants eröffnen. Das heißt, ein neues Outlet alle 4,5 Stunden irgendwo auf der Welt. Über 7.000 neue Geschäfte werden in Wachstumsmärkten wie China, Indien, Japan und Brasilien eröffnet.

The McDonald’s fast-food chain is to open 10,000 new restaurants globally by 2027, in what will be its fastest ever period of growth.

The American behemoth will open more than 9,000 of the stores internationally, including countries such as China, India, Japan and Brazil.

At a rate of roughly 2,000 new stores per year, it means a new McDonald’s will open somewhere in the world every 4.5 hours.

McDonald’s has remained largely unaffected by unstable consumer spending, thanks to affordable menu items and aggressive marketing campaigns.

PUBLISHED: 12/12/2023; STORY: Graphic News