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 Mount Marapi Vulkan infographic
Graphic zeigt die Lage des Mount Marapi Vulkans auf der Insel Sumatra in Indonesien.


Zahl der Toten nach Eruption des Mount Narapi steigt weiter

December 5, 2023 - Rettungskräfte, die den Abhang des indonesischen Vulkans absuchen,
haben noch weitere Leichen gefunden, die von der Eruption am Sonntag überrascht wurden. Bisher hat man 23 Tote gefunden.

More than 50 climbers were rescued after the initial eruption, and 11 others were initially confirmed dead. New eruptions on Monday and Tuesday spewed more hot ash as high as 800m into the air, reducing visibility and temporarily halting search and recovery operationsy.

The bodies of two climbers were located on Monday and nine more on Tuesday, the National Search and Rescue Agency said.

One climber remained missing and was presumed dead because of being very close to the eruption site.

PUBLISHED: 06/12/2023; STORY: Graphic News