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 Las Vegas Kugel infographic
Graphic mit den Features vom Las Vegas Sphere.


Las Vegas KugelSphere

By Duncan Mil

November 10, 2023 - Die Kugel ist das größte kugelförmige Gebilde der Welt und ein technologisches Wunderding, das es noch niemals gegeben hat, mit massiver Innenausstattung und Außenhülle aus LEDs

The $2.3 billion structure houses a record 14,860 square metre (160,000-square-foot) wraparound LED display on the interior, while the exterior has a record 53,900 sq m (580,000 sq ft) LED display. Both are fully programmable and accommodate 16,000-by-16,000 pixel picture resolution.

The venue can accommodate up to 20,000 standing or 17,500 seated guests; 10,000 will be in specially designed chairs, essentially low-frequency speakers.

Designed by Berlin-based Holoplot, Sphere’s sound system -- which utilizes more than 160,000 speakers -- enables audience members to have different sonic experiences in other parts of the venue.

“I will confess that we did not anticipate spending $2.3 billion,” James Dolan -- CEO of Sphere Entertainment Co., who conceptualized the project -- said. “We also didn’t anticipate COVID,” which dramatically increased the cost and build time on the project.”

The Sphere opened on September 29 with live concerts by U2 and the custom film “Postcard From Earth” by Darren Aronofsky.

Dolan is already considering building additional Spheres in London and other cities worldwide.

PUBLISHED: 10/11/2023; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Pictures: Getty Images, Sphere Entertainment