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 Hamas Angriff - Zeitleiste infographic
Graphic zeigt die Zeitleiste mit Hamas Überraschungsangriff auf Israel.


Hamas Überraschungsangriff auf Israel

By Duncan Mil

October 9, 2023 - Eine dreijährige Kampagne der Täuschung stellte sicher, dass Israel ohne Vorwarnung von der palästinensischen Islamistengruppe Hamas iangegriffen wurde. Eine Einheit setzte Bulldozer ein, andere kamen mit Hängegleitern und auf Motorrädern über die Grenze und stellten sich den mächtigen Israelischen Verteidigungstruppen (IDF).

The combined efforts of Shin Bet, Israeli domestic intelligence, Mossad, its external spy agency and the assets of the IDF had no idea that Hamas was preparing a massive assault.

“Hamas used an unprecedented intelligence tactic to mislead Israel over the last months by giving a public impression that it was not willing to go into a fight or confrontation with Israel,” a source close to Hamas told Reuters.

In one of the most striking elements of their preparations, Hamas constructed a mock Israeli settlement in Gaza where they practised military tactics and trained to storm it, the source told Reuters, adding they even made videos of the manoeuvres.

The assault, prepared with the help of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard commanders, was divided into four stages.

The first move was a barrage of 3,000 rockets fired from Gaza that coincided with incursions by fighters who flew hang gliders over the border.

Once the fighters on hang gliders were on the ground, they secured the terrain so an elite commando unit could storm the fortified electronic and concrete barrier that divides Gaza from the settlements.

The fighters used explosives to breach the barriers and then sped across on motorbikes. Bulldozers widened the gaps, and more invaded in four-wheel drives.

The source said that a commando unit attacked the Israeli army’s southern Gaza headquarters and jammed its communications, preventing personnel from calling commanders or each other.

The final part involved moving more than 100 hostages to Gaza.

PUBLISHED: 10/10/2023; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images, Hamas social media