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  Italien plant Evakuierungen vor Super-Vulkan Ausbruch infographic
Grafik zeigt Details zum Campo Flegrei Supervulkan.phic shows details on Campi Flegrei supervolcano.

Italien plant eventuelle Evakuierungen vor Supervulkan

October 9, 2023 - Die italienische Regierung plant eine eenuelle Massenavakuierung für zehntausende Menschen rund um die Campi Flegrei bei Neapel.

The new measures, which include a scheme to check on the strength of buildings in the area after months of repeated earthquakes, will be discussed at a cabinet meeting later in the day, a government statement said.

Campi Flegrei lies some 20km from Naples and is dotted with towns and villages, including Pozzuoli, Agnano and Bacoli, which have a combined population of more than 500,000, Reuters said.

PUBLISHED: 09/10/2023; STORY: Graphic News