Neue Generation von Nuklearwaffen infographic
Grafik zeigt Russlands strategische Waffen der nächsten Generation mit Atomantrieb.


Russlands neue Generation von Nuklearwaffeni

By Phil Bainbridge

October 6, 2023 - Wladimir Putin sagt, Russland habe erfolgreich einen nuklear-fähigen Marschflugkörper mit Atomantrieb getestet. der eine Reichweite von einigen Tausend Kilometern hat.

The Burevestnik cruise missile is one of six strategic weapons, five of them nuclear-capable, announced by Putin in 2018 which are now being deployed.

He said work is almost completed on its Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile system, which space agency chief Turi Borisov announced in September was already in service and on “combat duty”. The Sarmat is capable of carrying up to 15 independently-targeted nuclear warheads or hypersonic glide vehicles such as the nuclear-tipped Avangard HGV, which with a speed of Mach 20, low trajectory and mid-flight manoeuvrability, may be able to evade interception by U.S. THAAD systems.

The air-launched Kinzhal hypersonic ground strike missile has already been used with conventional warheads in Ukraine, while the Poseidon (NATO designation Kanyon) autonomous nuclear-powered torpedo offers a completely new delivery system and is therefore outside of any existing arms treaty.

PUBLISHED: 09/10/2023; STORY: Graphic News