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 Barry, der Dinosaurier vor Versteigerung  infographic
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Barry, der Camptosaurus kommt unter den Hammer

By Jordi Bou

April 18, 2023 - Barry, das Skelett eines seltenen und außergewöhnlich gut erhaltenen, rund 150 Millionen Jahree alten pflanzenfressenden Dinosauriers kommt unter den Hammer in Paris.

Barry, which dates back to the late Jurassic period and measures 2.1m tall and 5m long, is a Camptosaurus from the Iguanodon family, one of the earliest groups of dinosaurs discovered.

Around 80% of the bones are original, with 90% of the skull remaining intact, according to the Paris auction house Hôtel Drouot.

Recently restored, the fossilized creature is set to go under the hammer on Oct 20 with an estimate of $1.28 million.

Sales of dinosaur fossils are rare, with only a small number taking place each year globally – although some experts have raised concerns about specimens finding their way into private hands.

The record price for a dinosaur skeleton was $31.8 million for a Tyrannosaurus rex sold in 2020 by Christie’s.

PUBLISHED: 27/09/2023; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Newscom