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 Key player kontrollieren das Internet infographic
Graphic zeigt die Key Player die das Internet zu US Bürgern liefern.


Wie eine Handvoll Tech-Riesen das Internet kontrolliert

By Ninian Carter

September 18, 2023 - Wer online geht um neueste Nachrichten zu lesen, oder um andere beiläufige Abfragen sucht, braucht einen Computer, ein Betriessystem und einen Browser – all das wird von einer handvoll Unternehmen kontrolliert.

Going online to catch-up on news, read social media messages, buy groceries, or a host of other casual interactions, requires access to a computerised device, an operating system and some form of internet browser, search engine or specialised app – all of which are controlled by a handful of huge global corporations.

In the United States, Apple dominates mobile devices, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) commands more than half the market share in browsers and online searches, and Meta controls all three of the most popular social media services.

PUBLISHED: 19/09/2023; STORY: Graphic News