Situationsbericht Tag 569 infographic
Graphic zeigt den Lagebericht für Tag 569 der russischen Invasion der Ukraine.


Russische Invasion: Situationsbericht Tag 569

By Phil Bainbridge

September 15, 2023 - Ukraine konnte auf der Krim ein russisches S-400 Luftabwehrsystem zerstören, nur einen Tag nachdem ein Raketenangriff die Marinebasis in Sevastopol getroffen und der russischen Schwarzmeerflotte signifikanten Schaden zugefügt hat.

Two vessels, the Rostov-na-Donu submarine and the landing ship Minsk, were hit while in dry docks at Sevmorzavod shipyard. The Rostov, one of four cruise missile capable subs, is believed to have suffered catastrophic damage and additionally could put the dry docks out of operation for months.

Following the arrest of a people trafficking ring in Havana supplying troops to fight in Ukraine, Cuba’s foreign minister has said it is illegal for Cuban citizens to act as mercenaries for Russia, contradicting an earlier statement by the Cuban ambassador in Moscow who had said Cuba is not against the legal participation of its citizens in Russia’s war in Ukraine.

President Zelensky is expected to meet U.S. president Joe Biden in Washington next week as Congress debates $24bn in humanitarian and military aid.

PUBLISHED: 15/09/2023; STORY: Graphic News