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 Ka-52 Kampfhelikopter infographic
Graphic zeigt Details vom Ka-52 Kampfhelikopter.


Russischer Ka-52 Helicopter bremst Ukraines Gegenoffensive

July 31, 2023 - Der Kamov Ka-52 Kampfhelikopter beweist sich als formidabler Gegner wenn die ukrainische Armee ihre Gegenoffensive gegen russische Truppen fortsetzt.

While Russia has likely lost “around forty” Ka-52s since it invaded Ukraine in February 2022, the type is still imposing a “heavy cost”, according to the UK’s Defence Intelligence agency.

A key improvement for the Ka-52 fleet is the new LMUR anti-tank missile with a range of 15km, allowing the helicopter to conduct strikes outside the range of Ukrainian air defences.

The Ka-52 features distinctive coaxial main rotors and made its international debut at the Paris air show in June 2013. Armaments include a 30mm cannon, 80mm unguided rockets, and air-to-surface missiles.

The success of Russian attack platforms such as the Ka-52 lends urgency to Kyiv’s pleas for modern western fighter aircraft, specifically the Lockheed Martin F-16, according to Flight Global.

PUBLISHED: 31/07/2023; STORY: Graphic News