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 Threads überschreitet 100 Millionen User infographic
Graphic zeigt Threads meteorhaften Aufstieg von 100 Millionen User.


Seit Beginn stürmt Meta’s Threads App nach vorne

By Ninian Carter

July 11, 2023 - Metas neue Social Networking App, Threats, hat binnen fünf Tagen über 100 Millionen User gewonnen, die Firma will jetzt mit neuen Features weiter expandieren.

Meta’s new Threads app blazed past 100 million users in only five days – breaking the record set in February when ChatGPT took two months to reach the same milestone.

Now Mark Zuckerberg and his team at Instagram are looking to add new features to Threads, including:
• Alternative home feed of only posts from the people each individual follows.
• Ability to edit posts.
• Translation into different languages.
• Search functionality.
• Method to make it easier to switch between different Threads accounts.
• Online desktop interface for computers.

Meanwhile, Twitter owner Elon Musk, who is witnessing plummeting traffic on his platform due to a spate of unpopular changes he made, has resorted to legal threats against Meta and even adolescent name-calling.

PUBLISHED: 11/07/2023; STORY: Graphic News