Thailand Wahlergebnis infographic
Grafik zeigt das vorläufige Ergebis der Parlamentswahl in Thailand.


Thailands Wähler unterstützen demokratische Parteien

May 15, 2023 - Thailands zwei große Oppositionsparteien vereinbarten Montag die Bildung einer Reierungskoalition nach einem überraschenden Sieg über die vom Militär unterstützten Konkurrenten.

The Move Forward party and opposition heavyweight Pheu Thai dominated Sunday’s ballot in a stunning rout of army-backed parties, but they could face challenges in mustering enough support, with parliamentary rules drafted by the military after a 2014 coup skewed in favour of its allies.

Their alliance would need to ensure its efforts to form a new government would not be stymied by a junta-appointed Senate, which gets to vote on the prime minister in a bicameral sitting of the 750-member legislature, and has a record of favouring conservative parties led by generals, Reuters said.

PUBLISHED: 16/05/2023; STORY: Graphic News