Russische Unterstützung für Putins Krieg infographic
Grafik Chart zur öffentlichen Unterstützung der russischen Invasion der Ukraine.


Großteil der Russen unterstützt die Invasion der Ukraine

By Ninian Carter

February 23, 2023 - Während der Krieg in der Ukraine in sein zweites Jahr geht, ist die Unterstützung zu Hause in Russland ziemlich hoch, dank der hohen Propaganda und Repression von Kritikern, die zum Schweigen gebracht werden.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is entering a second year as President Vladimir Putin keeps a stranglehold on the Russian public – swiftly choking any dissenting voices.

To shore up support, the Kremlin is using a carrot and stick approach – doling out cash to people in impoverished regions and shutting down media outlets that voice anything but the state version of events.

By doing so, Putin is maintaining a view that the war is far away, and the fault of the United States and its allies, while being bullish about the Russian economy and how Western sanctions have failed to crush it.

According to independent polls, Putin’s message is working, despite the invasion dragging on far longer than the Kremlin hoped, the majority of Russians say they are prepared to keep fighting.

PUBLISHED: 24/02/2023; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images