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 Riesenkröte in Australien gefunden infographic
Grafik mit Details des gefundenen Spezimens und die Ausbreitung der Aga Kräte in Australien.


“Toadzilla” tdie Riesenkröte

By Jordi Bou

January 20, 2023 - Eine riesige, giftige Aga-Kröte, liebevolll "Toadzilla" von austrralischen Wildhütern benannt, dürfte das bisher größte, je gefundene Spezimen, sein.

Weighing 2.7kg, the specimen is six times bigger than average cane toad. The current Guinness World Record for the largest toad - 2.65kg - was set by a pet toad in Sweden named Prinsen in 1991.

Cane toads are native to South and Central America. They are extremely hardy animals and voracious predators of insects and other small prey.

These qualities led to their introduction into Australia as a means of controlling pest beetles in the sugar cane industry in 1935, before the use of agricultural chemicals became widespread.

Since then, the range of cane toads has expanded through Australia’s northern landscape and they are now moving westward at an estimated 40 to 60km per year.

Toadzilla has since been euthanised, as is standard practice in Australia for the pests, and will be donated to the Queensland Museum.

PUBLISHED: 20/01/2023; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Queensland Department of Environment and Science