König Charles III Banknoten vorgestellt infographic
Grafik zeigt die neuen Banknoten im Vergleich zur derzeitigen Iteration.


Bank of England stellt die neuen King Charles III Banknoten vor

By Ninian Carter

December 20, 2022 - Nach dem Ableben von Königin Elizabeth II hat die Bank of England jetzt die neuen Polymer Banknoten mit König Charles III vorgestellt.

The Bank of England has unveiled four new polymer King Charles III banknotes that will enter circulation in mid-2024, and gradually replace those that feature late Queen Elizabeth II, who first appeared on paper money in 1960.

All polymer banknotes carrying a portrait of the late Queen will remain legal tender, and will only be replaced by banknotes depicting King Charles III when they are worn out and need to be withdrawn – meaning notes featuring Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III will both be legal tender.

There are nearly 5 billion Bank of England notes in circulation – worth around £82 billion ($100 billion).

The reverse side of the new banknotes will continue to feature former Prime Minister Winston Churchill (£5), author Jane Austen (£10), painter JMW Turner (£20) and mathematician Alan Turing (£50).

PUBLISHED: 20/12/2022; STORY: Graphic News