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 Neues Formel Eins Reglement und Änderungen am Auto 2023 infographic
Grafik zeigt die wichtigsten F1 Reglementänderungen für die Saison 2023.


Wichtigste Reglementänderungen für die F1 2023 Saison

By Phil Bainbridge

March 3, 2023 - November 26, 2023 - Das neueReglement umfasst umstrittene Maßnahmen gegen das "Springen", ein aeodynamisches Phänomen, das das Auto hüpfen lässt wenn es zu stark an den Asphalt angesaugt wird und der Anpressdruck plötzlich verloren geht.

Red Bull chief Christian Horner feels the new rules are the result of lobbying by Mercedes, who suffered from porpoising in 2022 – to the extent that Lewis Hamilton experienced headaches and back ache. As Red Bull and Ferrari were able to avoid the problem, Horner thinks it was simply a design issue that Mercedes engineers should have been able to solve.

The FIA solution is to raise the minimum height of the floor and diffusers, to prevent sudden loss of downforce when the floor gets too close to the ground, causing the characteristic bouncing, but Red Bull feels this favours Mercedes who will use it for performance gains.

Also new for 2023 are a relaxation of the rules on fuel cooling, to as low as 10˚C, or 10˚C below the ambient temperature. Roll hoops have also been strengthened after Zhou Guanyu’s horrific crash at Silverstone.

PUBLISHED: 09/02/2023; STORY: Graphic News