Situationsbericht Tag 250 infographic
Grafik zeigt Situationsbericht für Tag 250 der russischen Invasion der Ukraine.


Situationsbericht Tag 250

By Phil Bainbridge

October 31, 2022 - Nachdem die unbeliebte "teilweise Mobilisierung" erledigt ist und der nächste Einberufungszyklus erst am 1. November beginnt, scheint sich Moskau auf eine Frühjahrsoffensive einzustellen.

New recruits will require at least six months training before they are ready to go the front line, meaning there are likely to be two waves of troops into Ukraine: the first in the next few weeks and the second in spring.

Russia’s decision to leave the UN-brokered arrangement allowing grain exports from Black Sea ports, has sent wheat futures soaring and is likely to trigger a global food crisis. Moscow announced the suspension in response to an attack by a swarm of air and seaborne drones on its Sevastopol naval base which appear to have damaged, and possibly disabled, its flagship the Admiral Makarov as well as two other ships.

PUBLISHED: 31/10/2022; STORY: Graphic News