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 Tödliche Hitzewellen werden mehr infographic
Grafik illustriert die Zunahme der globalen Temperaturanstiege.


Hitzewellen werden manche Regionen unbewohnbar machen

By Ninian Carter

October 11, 2022 - Hitzewellen werden so extrem, dass in manchen Teilen der Welt die menschlichen physiologischen und sozialen Grenzen überschritten werden.

A new United Nations-Red Cross report into climate change alludes to certain parts of the world becoming so hot with a matter of decades, that human beings will be unable to survive there.

The bleak joint report predicts extreme heatwaves could become so fierce that they exceed human physiological and social limits in parts of Latin America, central Africa and south and southwest Asia.

The world’s lowest-income countries — those least responsible for climate change — are already experiencing a disproportionate increase in extreme heat, as was witnessed this year with the heatwave catastrophes in Somalia and Pakistan.

The report concludes that if greenhouse gas emissions, which cause climate change, are not aggressively reduced now, the world will face previously unimaginable levels of extreme heat.

The report is published ahead of November’s COP27 climate change summit in Egypt.

PUBLISHED: 12/10/2022; STORY: Graphic News