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 Disney überholt Netflix und erhöht die Preise infographic
Grafik zeigt die größten Video Streaming Dienste und die geplante Preiserhöhung bei Disney.


Disney überholt Netflix und erhöht die Preise

By Phil Bainbridge

August 11, 2022 - Im Wettstreit um Kunden hat Disney Netflix überholt, gleichzeitig gibt der Unterhaltungsriese höhere Preise für Disney+, Hulu und ESPN+ bekannt, die mit dem Launch von weniger teuren, aber mit Werbung ausgestrahlten Versionen zusammenfallen.

Disney+ added 14.4 million new international subscribers in the third quarter, taking its total to 152.1 million subscribers (up 1.1 million since the last quarter year over year). Hulu has 46.2 million international subscribers and ESPN+ has another 22.8 million for a total of 221.1 million across all its brands.

The Disney+ growth seems to disprove claims that the streaming market has reached saturation point and perhaps suggests that customers have either become more discerning as household budgets come under pressure - or the future will be one of greater churn, whereby gains in subscribers come at the expense of the competition.

Meanwhile Netflix, the long-time market leader, dropped 1.3 million subscribers to 220.7 million in the same period, falling for the second quarter in succession although still better than its projected loss of 2 million. Amidst a recently announced partnership with Microsoft, and the possibility of introducing its own ad-supported pricing tiers, the streaming giant is expecting subscriber growth to rebound.

PUBLISHED: 11/08/2022; STORY: Graphic News