Situationsbericht Tag 166 infographic
Grafik zeigt Situationsbericht für Tag 166 der russischen Invasion der Ukraine.


Ukraine Situationsbericht Tag 166

By Phil Bainbridge

August 5, 2022 - Ein dritter ukrainischer Hafen, Teil des Abkommens von UN und Türkei, wurde für die lebensnotwendigen Getreidelieferungen geöffnet, somit steigt die gesamte Exportkapazität auf 3 Millionen Tonnen pro Monat, rund die Hälfte der sechs Millionen Getreide in Friedenszeiten.

An Iranian satellite launched by Russia from Kazakhstan on August 9 will, it is alleged, be controlled by the Russians for the first few months to surveil Ukraine, a claim denied by both Tehran and Moscow. The Iranian Space Agency has said “No other country will have access to such information, and rumors about satellite imagery being deployed in service of another country's military objectives are untrue”.

Both Russia and Ukraine are accusing the other over responsibility for the August 6 shelling of the Zaporizhya Nuclear Power Plant, in which a spent nuclear fuel rod storage site was hit and radiation monitoring sensors damaged.

A preliminary referendum date of September 11 appears likely for an illegitimate vote on the Russian annexation of occupied Ukrainian territory, although partisan operations appear to be forcing the Russian occupation authorities to frequently change plans.

PUBLISHED: 08/08/2022; STORY: Graphic News