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 Amazon erhöht Prime Kosten in Europa infographic
Graphic Chart der höheren Kosten für Amazon Prime Dienste in ausgewählten europäischen Ländern.


Europäische Amazon Prime jährliche Kosten steigen um bis zu 43%

By Ninian Carter

July 26, 2022 - Schuld sind Inflation und höhere laufende Kosten, somit erhöht Amazon den Preis für seinen Prime Abonnement Dienst um bis zu 43% per Jahr.

Come September, Amazon will raise the price of its Prime subscription service across Europe by up to 43 percent a year.

France will bear the highest annual increase of 43%, to €69.90, whereas Spain and Italy will have their fees hiked by 39% (to €49.90). Germany’s will go up by 30% (to €89.90) and the UK will see the smallest raise of 20% (to £95) – although, when converted to euros, the new cost of Prime in the UK will 61% higher than its nearest neighbour, France.

The fee increases arrive just months after the price of Prime in the U.S. rose to $139 per year, up 14% from the previous $119 annual fee – an act that led to growth stagnation as customers struggled with high petrol prices and inflation.

The Amazon announcement, which blames price increases on increased inflation and operating costs, comes just days before it posts its Q2 earnings results.

PUBLISHED: 26/07/2022; STORY: Graphic News