Wettstreit um UK Führung  infographic
Grafik zeit Wahlablauf und die Politik der beiden Kandidaten.


Wettstreit um UK Führung

By Duncan Mil

July 21, 2022 - Zwei Wochen, nachdem am 7. Juli der britische PM Boris Johnson seinen Rücktritt bekanntgeben hat, haben die 357 MPs (Gesetzgeber) die zwei Personen ausgewählt, die ihn ersetzen können. Sie müssen in den nächsten sechs Wochen die Mitglieder der Tory Partei überzeugen, dass einer von ihnen der Richtige für den Job ist.

Of eleven hopefuls, the MPs selected former finance minister Rishi Sunak with 137 votes (38.4%) and foreign secretary Liz Truss with 113 votes (31.7%).

The contest now enters the second stage, which will see Conservative Party members vote for which one of the two they want to be the leader.

The two candidates will now travel around the UK and make their pitch to Conservative Party members, who will quiz them on their policies and opinions.

Twelve regional hustings will be held and streamed online, with the first in Leeds on July 28 and the final on August 31 in London.

By August 5, about 160,000 Conservative Party members will receive a ballot pack in the post. Many activists will vote immediately. There will also be details of how to vote online, with two unique security codes. If they vote twice, only the second one counts, so Tory members can change their minds if either contestant blunders.

All ballots must be received by 17:00 local time on Friday, September 2. On Monday, September 5, the Conservative Party will have a new leader, and the UK will have a new prime minister.

PUBLISHED: 21/07/2022; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images