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 Bis zu 50.00 vor Hochwasser New South Wales evakuiert

WETTER: Bis zu 50.000 for Hochwasser in New South Wales evakuiert infographic
Grafik zeigt das Hochwasser und Evakuierungswarnung in New South Wales.

Bis zu 50.000 flüchten vor Hochwasser in New South Wales

By Phil Bainbridge

July 5, 2022 - Sintflutartige Regenfälle haben an Australiens Ostküste Tausende aus ihren Häusern vertrieben, Flüsse führen gefährliches Hochwasser. Die Bundesregierung hat den nationalen Notstand ausgerufen.

Evacuation orders have been given to up to 50,000 people in and around Sydney by the New South Wales government after days of torrential rain caused rivers to break their banks. A disaster zone has been declared in 23 local government areas.

Severe weather warnings remain in place at least for another day, and even once the rains have eased floodwaters will remain high for up to a week, with the risk of further flash flooding

PUBLISHED: 05/07/2022; STORY: Graphic News