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 Situationsbericht Tag 120 infographic
Grafik zeigt Situationsbericht für Tag 120 der russischen Invasion der Ukraine.


Ukraine Krieg - Situationsbericht Tag 120

By Jordi Bou

June 23, 2022 - Die Ukraine wird mutmaßlich als EU Kandidat am Brüsseler Gipfel anerkannt werden, während der Kampf mit russischen Truppen um die Donbas Region "einem beängstigendem Klimax" zustrebt, wie ein Berater von Präsident Zelenskyi meint

Candidate status is the first official step towards EU membership and France said this week there was “total consensus” on Ukraine. But it can take many years to join and there's no guarantee of success.

The war of attrition in the Donbas – Ukraine’s industrial heartland – is most critical in the twin cities of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk, which straddle the Siverskyi Donets River in Luhansk province.

Friday will mark four months since Russian President Vladimir Putin sent troops across the border in what he calls a “special military operation” partly necessitated by Western encroachment into what Russia views as its sphere of influence.

PUBLISHED: 23/06/2022; STORY: Graphic News