Russische Militärausgaben infographic
Grafik zeigt Russlands Militärausgaben unter Präsident Wladimir Putin.


Russlands Militärausgabeni

By Duncan Mil

May 9, 2022 - Mit der Machtübernahme von Wladimir Putin in 2000 ist das Budget der zweitgrößten Militärmacht der Welt um 280 Prozent, von $23,6 Milliarden auf $65,9 Milliarden gestiegen, systematische Korruption inbegriffen.

Despite having more than 766,000 active frontline personnel, behind only the United States with 1.4 million, Russia has been utterly unable to take control of Kyiv during its invasion of Ukraine.

Putin’s military has been no match for the determination of an army one-tenth its size, supplied by wealthier countries with high-tech weapons and high-quality real-time intelligence. Britain’s Ministry of Defence suggests that a quarter of Russian units have been rendered combat ineffective.

Among the reasons for the Kremlin’s failures put forward by analysts is that subordinates failed to challenge the assumptions of Putin’s war plans -- that Ukraine would fall apart.

Also, some of Putin’s inner circle of former intelligence officers lack military experience. For example, Sergei Shoigu has been Russian Defence Minister since 2012 despite lacking military expertise. Shoigu also does not know the FSB secret service, which is much less common among those close to Putin.

The FSB’s research conducted before the conflict concluded that pre-war dissatisfaction with the Ukrainian government would translate into local support for the invading forces.

On the operational level, the systemic corruption in defence procurement has also likely undermined logistics, manifesting in soldiers receiving inadequate equipment, supplies, and rations expired in 2015. Poor logistics slows down the advancement of troops, undermines their morale and hinders military effectiveness.

PUBLISHED: 09/05/2022; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images