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 ARTEMIS 1 - Rückkehr zum Mond (1) infographic
Grafik zeigt Details der Artemis I Mond Mission.


NASA’s Artemis I startet Ende August

By Ninian Carter

June 1, 2022 - Artemis I wird Ende August starten, der unbemannter Flug testet die Machbarkeit eines neuen SLS launchers und der Orion Kapsel für bemannte Flüge. Ein erster Schritt von NASAs viel-beachteter Ankündigung einer Rückkehr zum Mond.

Technical setbacks over the weekend and on Monday, including multiple lightning strikes, pressurisation problems and a stuck valve have caused NASA to scrub Artemis I’s three-day “wet dress rehearsal” – fuelling of the rocket and a simulated full countdown.

The uncrewed Artemis I mission is due to take-off in June on a flight that will last 26-42 days:

1) Space Launch System (SLS) super heavy-lift launch vehicle blasts off from Launch Complex 39B at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, carrying an empty Orion crew module.

2) Solid rocket boosters and core stage separation – ship enters Earth orbit.

3) Ship journeys to Moon (8-14 days), deploying 10 CubeSats along the way.

4) Enter into orbit around Moon (6-19 days).

5) Return flight to Earth (9-19 days).

6) Crew module separation and splashdown in Pacific Ocean.

If successful, Artemis II is scheduled to blast-off in May 2024, with a crew of four astronauts, on a lunar-flyby-return-to-Earth test mission.

Assuming success of Artemis II, Artemis III is set to land two humans on the Moon in 2025, and keep them there for a week – making it the the first human moon landing since Apollo 17 in 1972 (53 years ago).

PUBLISHED: 11/08/2022; STORY: Graphic News