Australien jagt den großen Weißen Killer-Hai  infographic
Grafik zeigt den Ort , an dem der Killer-Hai attackiert hat, weiters Daten zu australischen Hai Angriffen von 1700 bis heute


Sydney Strände bleiben gesperrt, Jagd auf den Killer-Hai wird fortgesetzt closed as hunt for killer shark continues

By Ninian Carter

February 17, 2022 - Behörden in Sidney suchen nach dem großen Weißen Hai, der einen Tauchlehrer in der ersten tödlichen Attacke in fast 60 Jahren getötet hat.

A 35-year-old certified diving instructor from Sydney has been named as the victim of a fatal shark attack off the city’s coast.

Simon Nellist from Wolli Creek was swimming at Little Bay when he was attacked just after 4.30pm (local time) on Wednesday.

Witness testimony of the shark’s size and and behaviour points to it being a great white shark – likely 4-5 metres long. In the frenzied attack, Nellis received catastrophic injuries, with some of his remains found in Little Bay shortly afterwards.

It is Sydney’s first fatal shark attack since 1963, when actor Marcia Hathaway was savaged by a bull shark at Sugarloaf Bay, in Middle Harbour.

Beaches from Bondi to Cronulla remain closed until further notice, while the hunt for the shark continues.

PUBLISHED: 17/02/2022; STORY: Graphic News