Ein leiseres Überschallflugzeug infographic
Graphic shows the test aircraft that could spawn a new era of supersonic domestic air travel.


‘Sohn der Concorde’ Testflüge könnten im Sommer beginnen

By Ninian Carter

January 12, 2024 - NASA und Lockheed Martin bauen ein einzigartiges Flugzeug, das statt Überschall "Knall" nur ein dezentes "Brummen" erzeugt, dank einer sehr langen Nase, die Schockwellen während des Überschallfluges umwandelt.

On January 12, 2024, Lockheed Martin and NASA will unveil the X-59 QueSST (a mashup of Quiet Supersonic Technology).

The plane’s function is to break the sound barrier as quietly as possible, so that rather than create a 110 decibel sonic boom that sounds like an explosion or thunderclap, it instead creates a thump that sounds like a car door shutting – around 75 decibels.

The X-59 sports several distinct features not found on military or commercial aircraft such as an elongated nose (about 11 metres long) and a cockpit with not forward view, meaning the pilot has to rely on a video feed from two external cameras to see out front – making take-off and landing particularly anxious moments.

If tests are successful, it could lead to the lifting of a ban on supersonic travel over the United States, and lay the groundwork for a future commercial supersonic passenger jet – or the “son of Concorde” as it is often affectionately referred to.

PUBLISHED: 31/01/2022; STORY: Graphic News