Olympische Medaillen infographic
Grafik zeigt das Design der Medaillen für die 2022 Olympischen Winterspiele.


Beijing 2022 Olympische Medaillen

By Phil Bainbridge

February 4, 2022 - February 20, 2022 - Die Olympischen Winterspiele 2022, offiziell die XXIV Olympischen Winterspiele, finden in Beijing, China, statt. Es wird 109 Medaillen-Events geben, es werden mindestens 327 Medaillen vergeben.

The medals, named “Tong Xin” or ”together as one”, are composed of rings and a centre, based on the ancient Chinese jade concentric circle pendants, with five rings embodying the Chinese philosophy of harmony between heaven, earth and human beings.

The design echoes the jade-inlaid medals of the Olympic Summer Games of 2008, as Beijing becomes the first “dual Olympic city” to host both summer and winter Games.

PUBLISHED: 05/01/2022; STORY: Graphic News