U.S. Hyperschall Raketensysteme infographic
Grafik zeigt die Entwicklung von US Hyperschall Raketensystemen.


US Hyperschall Raketensysteme

By Phil Bainbridge

October 29, 2021 - Im Bemühen mit China und Russland gleichzuziehen, vereinen die US Air Force, Armee und Marine ihre Budgets und Technologien für die Entwicklung einer Reihe von Hyperschall Raketensystemen.

Hypersonic missiles fall into two types: boost-glide systems which are launched to high-altitude on a booster and then glide to their target at speeds of up to Mach 20; and hypersonic cruise missiles which are powered during flight by attached engine.

The U.S. military is pursuing the development of a number of integrated systems that combine a boost-glide missile with a ground-based, submarine or air-launched system.

PUBLISHED: 31/10/2021; STORY: Graphic News