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 Flächenbrände in ganz Nord-Kalifornien infographic
Grafik zeigt die größten Flächenbrände im nördlichen Kalifornien.


Tausende Bewohner müssen aus Kalifornien flüchten

August 19, 2021 - Waldbrände im nördlichen Kalifornien bedrohen tausende Häuser und führen zu weitreichenden Evakuierungsaufforderungen und Warnungen sowie zu Stromabschaltungen, um zu verhindern, dass neue Feuer mit den starken Stürmen ausbrechen.

The drought-parched region was expected to see red flag warnings for dangerously high winds and hot, dry weather through Thursday.

Those conditions have fed a dozen uncontrolled wildfires, including the month-old Dixie fire and the nearby Caldor fire in the northern Sierra Nevada that incinerated much of the small rural towns of Greenville and Grizzly Flats.

The Dixie fire is the first to have burned from east to west across the spine of California, where the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountains meet. It had burned more than 2,500 square km (1,000 square miles) and was only a third contained, AP said

PUBLISHED: 19/08/2021; STORY: Graphic News