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 Ahmad Massoud factbox infographic
Grafik zeigt Fakten zu Ahmad Massoud und die Panjshir Resistance (Widerstandskämpfer).


Ahmad Massoud - Fakten

By Duncan Mil

August 18, 2021 - Ahmad Massoud hat eine Koalition aus Widerstandskämpfern gegen die Taliban im afghanischen Panjshir Tal gebildet. Das Tal konnte weder die sowjetische Rote Armee noch die Taliban erobern.

Ahmad Massoud, 32, son of Ahmad Shah Massoud -- a charismatic anti-Soviet then anti-Taliban resistance commander known as the “Lion of Panjshir” -- has reportedly assembled a coalition of several thousand fighters.

Massoud has been joined in the Panjshir Resistance by caretaker President Amrullah Saleh and former defence minister Bismillah Khan Mohammadi.

According to reports, the resistance forces attacked Taliban insurgents in the Charikar area of the Parwan province on Tuesday (August 17).

The recapture of Charikar is critical as it lies between the passes connecting Kabul with Mazar-i-Shariff, the largest city in Northern Afghanistan, through the Salang tunnel.

As the Panjshir Resistance attacked Charikar from the Panjshir Valley, another force under Uzbek leader Abdul Rashid Dostum attacked from the North to link up.

The Panjshir Resistance, which includes former Northern Alliance members and other anti-Taliban Mujahideen, could unite with other anti-Taliban forces, led by Dostum and Atta Muhammad Nur, to fight the Taliban.

PUBLISHED: 18/08/2021; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images