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 EU digitaler Covid Pass infographic
Grafik zeigt Details zum digitalen grünen Passe.


EU’s digitaler Covid Pass ist da

By Duncan Mil

June 2, 2021 - Ein digitales Covid Zertifikat, das den Gesundheits Status verlässlich anzeigt – zeigt an, ob eine Person geimpft, kürzlich einen negativen Test durchgeführt hat oder ob sie nach einer Coronavirus Infektion wieder gesund ist – wird in sieben EU Ländern eingeführt. Reisende können Grenzen überschreiten, wenn auf sie zumindest eines der drei Kriterien zutrifft.

The document, known as a digital green certificate, offers a preview of what could become a standard for post-pandemic global mobility.

National authorities are in charge of issuing the certificates -- test centres, hospitals, health authorities, or eHealth portals.

While the digital version uses a mobile device, EU citizens can also request a paper version. Both will have a QR code that contains essential information such as name, date of birth, date of issuance, vaccine/ test/recovery data, and a digital signature, key to making sure the certificate is authentic.

The personal data of the certificate holder isn’t recorded by border officials, as this is not necessary to verify the digital signature. All health data remains with the Member State that issued an EU Digital COVID Certificate.

PUBLISHED: 02/06/2021; STORY: Graphic News