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 Lynetteholm - Plan für künstliche Insel infographic
Grafik zeigt den Ort und Details zum Lynetteholm Projekt.


Kopenhagens Plan einer künstlichen Insel vor neuer Prüfung

March 11, 2021 - Dänemarks Parlament muss noch über den Bau von Lynetteholm – einer künstlichen Insel mit Wohnungen für 35.000 Personen im Norden des Zentrums von Kopenhagen – abstimmen.

If approved, the 2.8 square km (1.1 square mile) land mass could be built-up by 2050, Bloomberg said.

Lynetteholm is meant to ease the Danish capital’s chronic housing crunch and act as a springboard for an ambitious rethink of the city’s infrastructure. Revenue from the housing development would fund a new tunnel under the harbour, through which a metro line would be routed, as well as a section of ring road providing swifter journey times from the airport to Copenhagen’s wealthy suburbs.

But critics warn that Lynetteholm could bring grave environmental damage. Those critics include officials in nearby Sweden, who say that the project risks altering ocean currents in the narrow Øresund sound, according to Bloomberg.

PUBLISHED: 11/03/2021; STORY: Graphic News