Gegenreaktion von Unternehmen für Republikaner infographic
Grafik zeigt eine Auswahl von US Corporations, die ihre Spenden an Republikanische Abgeordnete eingestellt haben.


Gegenreaktion von Unternehmen für Republikaner nach Aufruhri

By Duncan Mil

Einige der prominentesten amerikanischen Unternehmensnamen – von Amazon bis Visa – sperren ihre Spenden für die Republikaner, die die Auszählung des Wahlmänner Kollegiums nicht anerkennen wollten, mit dem der designierte Präsident Joe Biden zum Sieger erklärt wurde.

The announcements by Amazon, American Express, AT&T, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Commerce Bank, Dow Chemical, Marriott, Mastercard, among others, threaten funds for Republicans who are about to lose power in the White House and both chambers of Congress.

Some of the corporations target specific Republican lawmakers who voted against the presidential election certification, while others are withholding all contributions for now regardless of the political party.

Some 139 Republican representatives and eight GOP senators voted to object to at least one state’s electoral count, supporting President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the results.

The deadly insurrection on January 6, when a mob of President Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol building during Congressional proceedings, led to the deaths of at least five people.

Few companies have gone as far as Dow Inc., which said it would withhold donations for the Republican lawmakers’ entire terms in office. Others said they would withhold contributions temporarily, or suspend giving to Republicans and Democrats alike.

On Monday, Northrop Grumman became the first principal defence contractor to halt donations temporarily. “We are pausing political action committee giving and evaluating the way forward,” a spokesman said.

PUBLISHED: 12/01/2021; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Associated Press, Getty Images
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