Interakctive graphic zeigt die besten archäologischen Funde in 2020.


Die besten archäologischen Entdeckungen aus 2020

By Ben Mullins

Eine Auswahl der besten archöologischen Funde und Ausgrabungen in diesem Jahr. Sie reichen von einer vielzahl von Sarkophagen in Sakkara, der Totenstadt in Ägypten, bis zu Funden in der Türkei von Nadeln aus Bein, mit denen aus Wolle Fäden gesponnen wurden.

Archaeological highlights of the year include the following finds:

1. Jan-Aug: Hundreds of monks’ bodies at medieval sacristy, 1200AD, Westminster Abbey, London, England.
2. Jan 23: Cave paintings of people and animals, 5000-4000BC, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.
3. Jan 29: NZR V Class steam locomotive no. 127, 1927AD, Branxholme, New Zealand.
4. Jan 30: 16 tombs, 664–525BC, Tuna el-Gebel, Egypt.
5. Feb 12: 83 tombs, 4000BC, Cairo, Egypt.
6. Feb 17: Animal carvings in cave, 13,000BC, Catalonia, Spain.
7. Feb 21: Sarcophagus in Roman Forum that may belong to Rome’s founder, Romulus, 717BC, Italy.
8. Feb 21: Lost city, 1400-600BC, Konya Plain, Turkey.
9. Mar: Roman amphitheatre, 43-410AD, Richborough Castle, England.
10. Mar 10: Capital of Mayan Kingdom of Sak Tz’i, 750BC, Chiapas, Mexico.
11. Mar 16: Two stone tablets in cave, 24,000-12,000BC, Sulawesi, Indonesia.
12. Mar 17: Bone circle of at least 60 mammoths, 23,000BC, Kostenki, Russia.
13. Mar 31: Neolithic burial cairns, 2500BC, Blaenau Gwent, Wales.
14. May 20: Skeleton of 7-tonne, straight-tusked elephant, 300,000BC, Schöningen, Germany.
15. May 25: Cave paintings, 1000BC, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Thailand.
16. Jun 3: Maya ceremonial platform, 1000BC, Tabasco, Mexico.
17. Jun 9: Megalithic monument, 6000-5000BC, Dumat al-Jandal, Saudi Arabia.
18. Jun 21: Sword and scabbard, horse harness and rattle pendant, 1000-900BC, Peebles, Scotland.
19. Jun 22: Durrington Shafts neolithic pit circle, 2500BC, Stonehenge, England.
20. Jun 27: Excavation of Viking ship burial (found in 2018), 800AD, Gjellestad, Norway.
21. Jul 13: Remains of Aztec Palace of Axayacatl, 1400AD, Mexico City, Mexico.
22. Jul 23: Wreck of SS Pere Marquette 18, 1902-1910AD, Lake Michigan, U.S..
23. Aug 4: Prehistoric woodhenge, 3400-2000BC, Évora, Portugal.
24. Aug 5: Fluted arrowheads, 6000BC, Oman and Yemen.
25. Aug 24: 425 gold coins, 750-1258AD, Yavne, Israel.
26. Aug 29: Bone needles and round stones used for spinning thread, 6,600BC, Denizli, Turkey.
27. Sep 6: Terracotta mask of Greek god Dionysus, 400BC, Anatolia, Turkey.
28. Sep 8: Lion statue, 1300AD, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
29. Sep 20: 27 wooden sarcophagi, 500 BC, Saqqara, Egypt.
30. Sep 26: Oldest and most complete known set of Roman body armour, 9AD, Kalkriese, Germany.
31. Oct: Cat outline, 200-100BC, Nazca Lines, Peru.
32. Oct 3: 59 sarcophagi, 500BC, Saqqara, Egypt.
33. Oct 12: Sarcophagus of high priest Djehuty Imhotep, 500BC, Minya, Egypt.
34. Oct 12: Engraved tablet with Hellenistic script, 165BC, Simele, Iraq.
35. Oct 13: Footprint tracks of adult and child, 8000BC, New Mexico, U.S..
36. Oct 20: More than 80 sarcophagi, 500BC, Saqqara, Egypt.
37. Nov 21: Remains of wealthy man and slave, 79AD, Pompeii, Italy.
38. Nov 27: Partially fossilised whale skeleton, 3000BC, Bangkok, Thailand.

PUBLISHED: 07/12/2020; STORY: Graphic News