Hurrikan Iota infographic
Grafik zeigt den erwarteten Pfad von Hurrikan Iota.


Wirbelsturm Iota dürfte wieder das sturm-geprüfte Zentralamerika erreichen

November 16, 2020 - Der rasch stärker werdende Hurrikan Iota zieht über die Karibik und wird laut Vorhersage ein gefährlicher Sturm der Kategorie 4 werden,
wenn er wieder auf die gleichen Gebiete Zentralamerikas trifft, die der ähnlich starke Wirbelsturm Eta vor einer Woche devastiert hat.

Forecasters said Iota continued to show signs of strengthening and could be a catastrophic Category 5 hurricane by the time it reaches Central America.

Evacuations were being conducted from low-lying areas in Nicaragua and Honduras near their shared border, which appeared to be Iota’s likely landfall. Winds and rain were already being felt on the Nicaraguan coast Sunday night.

Iota became a hurricane early Sunday and rapidly gained power, and was expected to pass over or near Colombia’s Providencia island during the night. It became a dangerous Category 4 hurricane Monday morning, and the U.S. National Hurricane Centre warned it would probably reach the Central America mainland late Monday.

It was already a record-breaking system, being the 30th named storm of this year’s extraordinarily busy Atlantic hurricane season. Such activity has focused attention on climate change, which scientists say is causing wetter, stronger and more destructive storms.

PUBLISHED: 16/11/2020; STORY: Graphic News