Ölraffinerien schließen wegen mangelnder Nachfrage infographic
Grafik zeigt Standorte großer Ölraffinerien, die in aller Welt geschlossen oder verkauft werden.


Ölfirmen schließen Raffinerien, da Nachfrage nach Öl zurückgeht shutdown plants as demand for oil slumps

By Ninian Carter

November 13, 2020 - Der globale Appetit für Öl ist um knapp ein Drittel seit Beginn der Covid-19 Pandemie zurückgegangen, daher schließen Ölfirmen Raffinerien, da nicht anzunehmen ist, dass die Nachfrage auf den Vor-Pandemie Stand zurückkehren wird.

Oil refineries are being permanently closed in Asia and North America, with plants in Europe facing an uncertain future, because fuel demand has tumbled since the coronavirus pandemic swept the world.

Fuel demand fell by almost a third when the pandemic first took hold in the spring, but consumption is not returning and major oil companies now believe that lower levels of transport are here to stay.

Additional factors such as the growing popularity of electric vehicles, numerous national plans to phase out petrol and diesel engine vehicles, and the increase in green energy initiatives mean there are simply more oil refineries in the world today than demand necessitates.

PUBLISHED: 15/11/2020; STORY: Graphic News
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