“Big Four” Tech Riesen Q3 Erträge infographic
Graphik Chart der Umsätze im Q3 für die "Big Four" Tech Firmen, im Vergleich dazu frühere Ergebnisse.


Große Vier Umsätze im Q3 machen Investoren wenig Freude

By Ninian Carter

October 30, 2020 - Der kombinierte Umsatz der Großen Vier Technologie Unternehmen erreichte im letzten Quartal $228,4 Milliarden, macht aber den Investoren wenig Freude.

Amazon, Apple, Google's parent company, Alphabet, and Facebook earned a combined $228.24 billion in the last quarter – Q3 by calendar but Q4 in Apple's fiscal year.

Revenues were large as expected, although investors were mostly disappointed. Here's why:

Amazon – Revenue of $96.15bn. Pandemic-fuelled buying is leading to greater sales, but increased costs – up $2.5bn.

Apple – Revenue of $64.70bn. Shares fell on news that iPhone sales in China have slumping by 29%.

Alphabet – Revenue of $46.17bn. Despite advertising spending on Google and YouTube being up, its shares have only risen 16% in 2020, whereas the average rise of the other three firms is 56%.

Facebook – Revenue of $21.22bn. Strong growth in Q3, but company is cautious of possible regulatory hurdles ahead, no matter who wins the U.S. election.

PUBLISHED: 30/10/2020; STORY: Graphic News
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