EU stimmt über Veggieburger ab infographic
Grafik zeigt den Zuwachs im alternativen Fleischmarkt in der Welt wie auch in Europa.


EU stimmt über Begriff “Veggie Burgers” ab

By Duncan Mil

October 20, 2020 - October 21, 2020 - Das Europäische Parlament stimmt ab, ob der Begriff "Veggie Burger" verboten werden soll. Bezeichnungen wie "Burger", "Hamburger" und "Wurst" sollen ausschließlich für Produkte aus Fleisch verwendet werden, denn die Alternativen gewinnen zunehmend Marktanteile.

MEPs will decide on Wednesday (October 21) whether to replace veggie burgers and sausages with vegan “discs” and “fingers.” The amendments fall under one of the three files that make up the mammoth Common Agricultural Policy reform.

One of the proposed amendments says that “the meat-related terms shall be reserved exclusively for edible parts of the animals.” The amendment adds that designations such as “steak,” “sausage,” “escalope,” “burger” and “hamburger” should be “reserved exclusively for products containing meat.”

The vote comes as vegan alternatives are growing popular, with the global animal-free meat market reaching $4.53 billion in 2019. Europe’s share of the market reached $1.72 billion. This market size is forecast to grow to $7.12 billion worldwide and $2.62 billion in Europe by 2025.

However, these figures are small when compared to the $1,000 billion global meat market. Livestock and meat industries claim that the use of meat-related terms and names confuse consumers.

The EU amendment also seeks to prohibit names like “yogurt style” or “cheese substitute,” as well as more descriptive terms like “creamy.”

EU member states already have the power to issue their food labelling laws in a bid to prevent consumers from being misled. France passed a similar law earlier this year.

PUBLISHED: 20/10/2020; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Burger King