Globale Covid-19 Fälle überschreiten 40 Millionen infographic
Grafik zeigt den Anteil der Covid-19 Fälle in aller Welt und die kumulativen Fälle und Toten seit Ausbruch der Krankheit.


Coronavirus Fälle in aller Welt überschreiten 40 Millionen

October 19, 2020 - Die Zahl der bestätigten Covid-19 Fälle auf unserem ganzen Planeten hat 40 Millionen überschritten, allerdings ist die Expertenmeinung, dass es nur die Spitze des Eisbergs ist, wenn man die echte Pandemie in Betracht zieht, die unser Leben und unsere Arbeit auf den Kopf gestellt hat.

The milestone was hit Monday morning, according to Johns Hopkins University, which collates reports from around the world.

The actual worldwide tally of COVID-19 cases is likely to be far higher, as testing has been uneven or limited, many people have had no symptoms and some governments have concealed the true number of cases. To date, more than 1.1 million confirmed virus deaths have been reported, although experts also believe that number is an undercount.

The U.S., India and Brazil are reporting by far the highest numbers of cases – 8.1 million, 7.5 million and 5.2 million respectively – although the global increase in recent weeks has been driven by a surge in Europe, which has seen over 240,000 confirmed virus deaths in the pandemic so far.

The World Health Organisation said last week that Europe had reported a record weekly high of nearly 700,000 cases and said the region was responsible for about a third of cases globally. Britain, France, Russia and Spain account for about half of all new cases in the region, and countries like Belgium and the Czech Republic are facing more intense outbreaks now than they did in the spring.

PUBLISHED: 19/10/2020; STORY: Graphic News
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