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 UEFA Nations League Tag 3-4, Oktober 2020 infographic
Grafik zeigt eine Vorschau auf die UEFA Nations League mit den jeweiligen Paarungen, Spieltage 3 und 4 im Oktober 2020.


UEFA Nations League 2020-21 wird fortgesetzt

By Chris Dinsdale

October 10, 2020 - October 14, 2020 - Das zweite UEFA Nations League Turnier wird mit Schwergewichten wie England gegen Belgien und Frankreich gegen den 2019 Champion, Portugal, fortgesetzt. Spieltag 3 ist für 10.-11. Oktober und Spieltag 4 am 13.-14. Oktober festgesetzt.

The UEFA Nations League sees 55 teams split into four leagues (A, B, C, D) based on their UEFA ranking.

There will be six Matchdays between September and November 2020, with the winners of the four League A groups competing to become the Nations League champions in the Final Four competition in June 2021.

The two best-placed group winners will qualify for the FIFA World Cup play-offs, with a final chance to qualify for the 2022 tournament in Qatar.
If a team has already gained a World Cup or play-off berth through direct qualifying matches, the next best-placed team will take the play-off position.

League A:
Group 1: Netherlands, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland
Group 2: England, Belgium, Denmark, Iceland
Group 3: Portugal, France, Sweden, Croatia
Group 4: Switzerland, Spain, Ukraine, Germany

League B:
Group 1: Austria, Norway, Northern Ireland, Romania
Group 2: Czech Republic, Scotland, Slovakia, Israel
Group 3: Russia, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary
Group 4: Wales, Finland, Republic of Ireland, Bulgaria

League C:
Group 1: Azerbaijan, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Montenegro
Group 2: Armenia, Estonia, North Macedonia, Georgia
Group 3: Moldova, Slovenia, Kosovo, Greece
Group 4: Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Belarus, Albania

League D:
Group 1: Malta, Andorra, Latvia, Faroe Islands
Group 2: San Marino, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar

PUBLISHED: 07/10/2020; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images