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 Eine Ballonfahrt an den Rand des Weltraums infographic
Grafik zeigt Details des Ballonprojekts von Space Perspective.


Schon bald kann man mit dem Ballon bis an die Grenze des Weltalls fahren

By Ninian Carter

July 22, 2020 - Versuche sollen in Kürze mit dem Raumschiff Neptun beginnen, einhoch-fliegender Ballon, der mit acht Passagieren an die Grenzen des Weltalls fahren wird.

In early 2021, Florida-based Space Perspective intends to start testing its passenger balloon, designed to reach the edge of space.

Eight civilians and a pilot will be able to comfortably travel up 100,000 feet (19 miles/30km) to the stratosphere in a reusable pressurised capsule suspended from a gigantic hydrogen-filled balloon called Spacecraft Neptune – so named because planet Neptune's atmosphere is predominantly hydrogen (and helium, with some methane).

The company operates out of leased grounds at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, but has near-term ambitions to expand to Alaska and Hawaii, and then possibly to other countries around the world.

Flight tickets will cost in the region of $125,000 per person, about half the cost of other sub-orbital flights, although the latter fly twice as high and briefly let passengers experience weightlessness. Still, Neptune's ride ascends at a sedate 20km/h and gives passengers a full two hours to observe 360° views of Earth rotating beneath them and the cosmos above.

The overall ride will last six hours – two hours to ascend, two hours to float along the stratosphere and two hours to descend into the Atlantic Ocean, where a recovery ship will be waiting.

The capsule comes complete with luxury seating, refreshments, a restroom and wi-fi (allowing passengers can hook up to social media as they fly). The company also intends to offer its services for weddings, corporate events and scientific excursions.

PUBLISHED: 22/07/2020; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Space Perspective