Studios wetteifern um neue Release Termine infographic
Grafik zeigt, dass Hollywood Studions ihre Blockbuster Filme verschieben müssen, da Kinos geschlossen sind und Produktionen wegen der globalen Coronavirus Pandemie verschoben werden.


Domino Effekt lässt Film Release Termine platzen

By Ninian Carter

June 3, 2020 - Die Filmindustrie muß schwere Einbußen durch die Coronavirus Pandemie hinnehmen. Wie fallende Dominosteine haben verspätete Release Termine einen knock-out Effekt auf neue Produktionen.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused the entertainment business to halt movie production around the world. On top of which, the closure of cinemas has seen movie studios scramble to delay the release of expensive blockbusters, which in turn has affected films due to restart filming as soon as it's safe enough to do so.

The true cost of these moves is unknown, but it will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

For example, movies that were due for release as the pandemic picked up pace have cost studios millions in lost marketing alone.

"No Time To Die", the last James Bond outing for leading man Daniel Craig, cost MGM £30-$50 million when it switched its release date from April to November – cash spent purely on marketing for the film’s April release, which has now been abandoned but will have to be rolled out again in the run up to its new date.

Restarting production of a blockbuster is no easy feat either, especially when the world is warily trying to exit months of lockdown.

Tom Cruise is reportedly building a village at an abandoned RAF base in the UK so filming can resume for Mission: Impossible 7 in the autumn. Allegedly, the cast will stay in VIP trailers so they can work through scenes in a "bubble" and protect the crew from potentially catching coronavirus.

Every major Hollywood studio has postponed its tentpole pictures this summer, meaning there will be an abundance of cinematic choices later in the year and long into 2021. But will moviegoers feel safe going back into cinemas, even if they're open again?

PUBLISHED: 03/06/2020; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Studio handouts
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