Coronavirus Situation in  Europa infographic
Grafik zeigt Erkrankungen und Todesfälle in Europa per 13. Mai 2020, 06:00GMT.


Coronavirus Situation aktualisiert für Europa

By Duncan Mil

May 13, 2020 - Spanische Behörden haben sich für neue Maßnahmen entschlossen, die eine neue Welle von Coronavirus Infektionen durch Neuankömmlinge verhindern sollen. Dazu gehört auch, dass Ankünfte aus Schengen Ländern eingeschränkt werden und allen Reisenden eine 14-tägige Quarantäne verordnet wird.

Both measures will come into force this Friday, May 15. They will remain active until May 24. The decision comes as coronavirus infections rose to 228,030 on Wednesday with 184 further fatalities, bringing the death toll to 26,920.

The coronavirus reproduction factor in Germany has again dropped below 1, after three days above the critical number. The Robert Koch-Institute (RKI), Germany’s public health agency, reported Wednesday that the so-called R-rate had dropped to 0.94. The fall means that for every 100 people infected, they would infect another 94 people, indicating a slowing of the pandemic spread.

The RKI said Germany registered almost 800 new cases overnight for a total of over 173,274 total infections. About 100 people died from the virus, bringing the total to 7,755.

The European Union called on Wednesday for a safe reopening of borders, while insisting on protective measures.

PUBLISHED: 13/05/2020; STORY: Graphic News
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