Regierungstruppen besetzen wichtige Autobahn infographic
Grafik zeigt die kontrollierten Gebiete im Nordwesten Syriens per 11. Februar.


Syrische Armee besetzt Damaskus-Aleppo Autobahn

February 11, 2020 - Syrische Regierungstruppen, unterstützt von russischer Luftwaffe, übernehmen die Kontrolle auf der strategisch wichtigen Damaskus-Aleppo Autobahn, zum ersten Mal seit 2012 und nach wochenlangen Kämpfen, hunderttausende Zivilisten ergriffen die Flucht.

Syrian forces seized the entire length of the M5 highway after capturing a western suburb of Aleppo from insurgents, as the government intensified its campaign to capture the last opposition stronghold in Syria’s northwest.

Last week, government troops recaptured Saraqib, a strategic crossroads town where the M5 intersects with a main west-east highway.

The latest advances by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces come after 13 Turkish troops were killed in the northwestern Idlib region over the past week, prompting some of the most serious confrontations between Ankara and Damascus, Reuters said.

Nearly a quarter of the three million people in Idlib and surrounding areas have surged north to escape the widening, multi-front assault by Assad’s forces. The exodus is one of the largest of the nine-year civil war and risks creating one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes of the conflict.

PUBLISHED: 11/02/2020; STORY: Graphic News