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Hydrogen One Lightfield Bildschirmtechnologie

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November 1, 2018 -- RED, Hersteller von 3D Kameras, die in Filmen wie "Guardians of the Galaxie" eingesetzt werden, bringt sein Hydrogen One Smarphone auf den Markt. Es soll als holographisches Smartphone eine Weltneuheit sein.

The new Hydrogen One has a holographic screen that produces 3D visuals without needing special glasses. It will allow users to create and share their own videos shot with the phone.

At a not-so-modest price of $1,295, Red has a modest goal of about 16 million units a year, i.e 0.5 percent of Samsung’s sales.

According to Geoff Blaber, a research analyst at CCS Insight, “The Red Hydrogen One stands little chance of upsetting the smartphone status quo”. Samsung and Apple currently dominate this market. Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi said that with most leading phones offering the same basics - big screens, decent battery life and good cameras - software and artificial intelligence are now more important than the hardware.

The Red Hydrogen One will launch with two major movies converted to this format.

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