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WORLD AGENDA: Mai 2018 infographic

Weltgeschehen im Mai

Graphic News

May 1-31, 2018 -- Die Weltagenda bietet eine Vorschau auf geplante Events im Mai, wie die eventuelle Entscheidung von Präsident Trump das Atomabkommen mit dem Iran zu beenden, die Übersiedlung der US Botschaft nach Jerusalem, und die Hochzeit von Prinz Harry mit der amerikanischen Schauspielerin Meghan Markle in Schloß Windsor.

May 5, Germany: Karl Marx was born 200 years ago in Trier, where a 5.5-metre statue of the godfather of communism, a gift from China, is to be unveiled

May 5, U.S.: NASA launches its InSight lander to study the deep interior of Mars, using sophisticated geophysics to take temperature readings and register “marsquakes”

May 6-12, Middle East: Elections take place across the Arab world, including parliamentary elections in Lebanon (May 6) and Iraq (May 12), and municipal polls in Tunisia (May 6)

May 9, Russia: The annual Victory Day parade might provide a first look at the new missile President Vladimir Putin describes as “invincible”. The parade is likely to coincide with the opening of a bridge linking Crimea to Russia, an infrastructure link central to Moscow’s plan to integrate the territory it seized from Ukraine in 2014

May 12, U.S.: President Trump threatens to rip up the nuclear deal between Iran if it is not reworked. Signatories Britain, France and Germany argue that rewriting terms, struck also with Russia and China, would breach the deal and free Iran to pursue nuclear weapons again

May 14-15, Israel/Palestinian Territories: The U.S. embassy moves to Jerusalem, a 70th birthday gift to Israel following U.S. recognition of the city as its capital. The move is controversial as Palestinians – who commemorate Nakba Day (Catastrophe) – claim East Jerusalem as the capital of a future state

May 19, UK: Prince Harry marries American actress Meghan Markle at St George’s Chapel, Windsor. The historic chapel holds 800 guests, and 1,000 members of the public have been invited to watch the royal wedding from the castle grounds

May 20, Venezuela: Leftist incumbent Nicolas Maduro looks certain to be re-elected president despite months of protests against food shortages amid the nation’s economic collapse
(Story: Newsahead Julie Mullins)

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