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If you are an individual who appreciates the unique form of visual journalism offered by Graphic News, you can give your support by becoming a Member. As a thank you for your support, you receive unrestricted page views so can enjoy the succinct visual presentation and stories covered by Graphic News. You also receive credits that allow you to download infographics (those available in JPG format) for your own personal interest and education.


There are two options available to publishers/companies online - Select & Pay or Fixed Price (monthly). Both of these give access to infographics in modifiable formats and include a Professional Editorial license. Alternative options tare available if you contact us. These include traditional unlimited fixed price subscriptions to metered pay-per-download deals - or special prices for projects and packages. People wanting unmodifiable JPG for their personal interest or education


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A FREE PASS allows visitors to explore and enjoy Graphic News for a limited period. Any visitor can search the archive and see preview images, but a FREE PASS also gives you unrestricted page views, meaning you can view a larger version of each graphic together with the accompanying story and links to the data sources.