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Graphic News’ infographics give a concise and visual presentation of topical news stories of worldwide interest - current affairs, sport, business, science and technology, motoring, entertainment, what is happening, where, when and why - in a unique genre of visual storytelling.

People interested in world news and sport can enjoy the insight infographics provide.

Publishers looking for content can use Graphic News’ stories and graphics:

  • Designed for both print and digital, including mobile.
  • Easy to use. Can be downloaded, or published using a simple cut-and-paste embed code
  • Modifiable, editable and translatable.
  • Real-time notifications: E-alerts, Twitter @gngraphicnews, app for mobile users, newsroom FTP feeds
  • Archive of graphics going back to 1991: Reusable artwork and information on a wealth of subjects

Graphic News is a specialist independent news agency based in London, that since 1991 has produced a service for news media publishers

Graphic News ... graphics of the highest quality to inspire your readers, meeting news deadlines at a price media publishers can afford

Publisher - Media or Corporate

  • Pay a fair and affordable monthly fee
  • Give all your staff access without worrying about budgets
  • Integrate with your CMS
  • The best deal for publishers that use graphics regularly

Single graphic or package deals

  • Prices depend on type and age of graphic
  • Discounts for multi-buys, packages and regular users


  • Download graphics available as jpg files
  • For personal use or teaching
  • Publish on a personal blog or website
  • Enjoy Sportlive apps and other premium content

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